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Actor | Writer | Co-Director | Producer | Executive Producer | Talent Scout

Princeton Drake


A little bit about me: I've worked in the entertainment industry for nine years as an actor, writer, and producer. I have a BA in Telecommunications and Film, with a Theatre Minor “acting concentration.” I'm the Executive Director of Divine Legacy Conservatory Film and Performing Arts Studio in Huntsville, Alabama. In the last six months, I've produced six short films through my studio, working with talented actors and crew members throughout the Southeastern region.



Producer | Creative Producer | Executive Producer | Writer | Line Producer | Story Consultant | Marketing Executive

Marc Sternberg, MA, MBA


A little bit about me: I'm a marketing executive with 18 years of experience turned creative producer. I have an MBA from the University of Arizona, an MA from Northern Arizona University, I'm a Fulbright Specialist, and I'm studying screenwriting at the University of Oxford. I received the Most Outstanding Graduate Award in my undergraduate program at Arizona State University. I plan to attend film school in 2024 for an MFA in producing. I'm also the Creative Producer at Son of a Botanist Productions.



Health Equity & Social Justice Advocate

Tristen Griffith-Smith, MPH

#advocacy #research #healthequity

Highly dedicated public health professional with a deep passion for healthcare access, social justice, and health equity. Leveraging a strong academic background and extensive experience in program development, research, and community engagement, I am seeking a rewarding position where I can contribute to improving healthcare outcomes, reducing disparities, and promoting social determinants of health. Committed to utilizing evidence-based strategies, advocating for marginalized populations, and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to create lasting impact and positive change in public health.