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About Rich Soil Productions

Rich Soil Productions

Authentic Southern Storytelling

Proud to be a minority-owned business in the film and media entertainment industry.

We thank you for your support.

A Message from Our CEO:

We are a production company that stands tall and prayerfully considers each film and TV project that we commit to.

We want to speak into our culture and move the needle towards postive change.

One of our projects that I am most passionate about is a civil rights and social justice TV docuseries called Take Another Look. We challenge the audience to view situations from other perspectives.

Thank you for your support.

Take Another Look


We Believe in the Power of Storytelling and Their Impact on Culture

We are passionate about filmmaking and will continue to use our time, talent and energy to create and tell stories that are powerful, meaningful and culturally-relevant.

We focus on stories that make you stop and think.

Stories that challenge you to consider "others" perspectives.

Stories that create room for dialogue and spur us on to make a difference and a positive impact on culture.

We are Rich Soil Productions.

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